Getting started. Very first steps to learn Finnish.

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For students who have none or very little knowledge of Finnish. You will learn the basics of Finnish language in an easygoing atmosphere. You will learn to introduce yourself, to make orders in cafés and much more. Words and sentences are practiced interactively. After this course you will be on CEFR level A 1.1. – A 1.2.

pastedGraphic.pngAugust 23 – September 20, 2023

Wednesdays at 5.00. – 6.30 p.m. (Helsinki time) + homework


To participate you need a computer (or laptop) with microphone. Camera is necessary.

Live online once a week and homework.

Getting started is a fascinating introduction to Finnish language. After Getting started, you can continue your studies on Moving on with Finnish.

Small group, max. 12 students

Another beginners’ group Finnish for Foreigners, will start in May 2023

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Getting started with Finnish is a 5 week online course for you, who would like to learn basic Finnish pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary

What you will learn:

  • Pronunciation and spelling
  • Greetings
  • To introduce yourself
  • Numbers and other amounts
  • Verb conjugation and many verbs
  • Colours
  • Weekdays
  • Fun phrases and important questions

All this in only 5 weeks!

Teaching is in English, but you will speak a lot of Finnish. No previous studies in Finnish are required, but you must know English.

The course will be held online via the conference application Zoom. During lessons you will study also in Zoom Breakoutrooms. To participate you need a computer with an internet connection and headphones with a microphone. A camera is also necessary.

After your payment has been processed, you will get instructions for the course as well as the Zoom link.

Starting level

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5 reviews for Getting started. Very first steps to learn Finnish.

  1. Angel Denopol

    I have heard from some friends that learning Finnish is difficult and some of them have cried even. Yes, Finnish language is not an easy language to learn however, if you have a good opettaja like Taru, learning will be fun and exciting. The guidance from Taru and the lessons she prepared for students like me helped a lot. She also makes sure to send us homework so we can practice more. I highly recommend Taru 😊

  2. Simon Wright (verified owner)

    Since my Finnish wife and friends speak so good English and the perception that Finnish is such a difficult language to learn, I have been lazy and live in hope that Finland adopts English as its primary language!
    However this 5 week ‘Getting Started’ course has changed my perception of learning Finnish. Being an interactive online course is far better than trying to learn from books or YouTube. The 90 min lessons are just the right length and being supplemented by homework has developed my Finnish skills far more than expected.
    I would highly recommend this course and Taru as an “opettaja”!

  3. Ritvars

    At first I thought it will be impossible for me to learn finnish, but this course – getting started gave me 5 weeks of mindset shift. Now I believe that it is possible for me to learn finnish! 5 weeks of getting started gave me possibility to believe in myself that also I can learn finnish! Taru is excellent teacher and with perfect teaching methods! I highly recommend this course if you want to learn finnish language!

  4. Mylène

    After 2 years in Finland I finally decided to take a proper finnish courses to improve my daily life here in Finland.
    And I couldn’t have get better opettaja than Taru.
    I already learned a lot in 5 weeks and didn’t find it as difficult as I expected or how finnish looks.
    She is really patiente and encouraging her students.
    I’m following now the second module “Moving on Part1” straight after the “Let’s started”.
    I was a bit afraid now she would speaks more finnish than English and be lost but not at all. She is still really warmfull and always take time to anwser your questions, no matter how many you have.
    She also give you good amount of homework. Not too much, especially if you are working like me but still enought to challenge you and keep you active in your learning process.
    There is probably cheaper or more expensive courses but I’ll definitely keep going with Taru for the rest of my apprentissage.
    So I definitely recommend Taru no matter what is your nationality, if you speak enought good English you won’t regret it!
    Kiitos! 😊

  5. Faye

    At first, I thought learning Finnish would be so difficult. But this online course “Getting started with Finnish language with Opettaja Taru “ gave me the impression that learning is not that difficult and it’s actually Fun!😊As a student, just make sure to take down important notes. For beginners who want to learn Finnish , I highly recommend this course with Taru! She is a great teacher and I love her teaching methods! Kiitos paljon!❤️

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