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Study Finnish with a native Finnish teacher. Study online anywhere you want, or come to learn and see on the spot in Helsinki
I’m a qualified Finnish Language Teacher and a native Finn. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching Finnish. I am a very passionate teacher, with a lot of patience.
Taru Eloranta
Finnish language teacher

Welcome to study Finnish!

These courses start in January 2024.

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    • 17:00 – 18:00 Wednesdays
    • Starting January 24, 2024
    • 11:30 – 12:30 Tuesdays
    • Starting January 16, 2024

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Finnish lessons for students who have no previous knowledge of Finnish. You will learn a great deal about Finnish habits and life in Finland. And of course – Finnish language.  

This course gives a good start to learn Finnish. You will get confidence to talk. Words and sentences are practiced interactively.

This course gives a good start to learn Finnish. You will get confidence to talk. Words and sentences are practiced interactively. Teacher Taru is encouraging, helpful, fun and a pedagogically very skilled language teacher.

Marilize B.Marilize B.1696734331 ★★★★★ This course was definitely worth the money. I am introverted and even so, found it easygoing and not stressful at all. Taru set a pace that suited everyone and was patient enough to repeat information if needed.Music E.Music E.1695913811 ★★★★★ she is good at teaching in 5 weeks you can speak suomea. she is a good at teaching every detail. Thank youJohannes F. R.Johannes F. R.1682366612 ★★★★★ Taru is a wonderful teacher! The courses are well structured and the pace is right for someone with a busy work schedule. She also always took the time to react to individual questions. I can fully recommend her courses. 😊Dániel L.Dániel L.1681978221 ★★★★★ Great learning experience! While it is not an intensive course, the level and the speed of the lessons is just correct when I have time to learn only after workdays.I recommend Taru if you want a good Finnish learning experience!Leena N.Leena N.1676564388 ★★★★★ Thanks Taru, for a great class. Classes are full of opportunities to speak in small groups and practice pronunciation while learning new elements of grammar and vocabulary. I found the pace of the course was good for my level and the homework was helpful. Overall a great experience!Evule B.Evule B.1672223270 ★★★★★ Hei! Opettaja Taru on tosi hyvä. Kurssi oli hienosti!!!Tania MTania M1652994463 ★★★★★ I liked very much my first Finnish course for beginners with Taru. She is very enthusiastic and supportive. The course has the right amount of everything: content shared, interaction with others and all together, and homework. You can keep the pace without feeling too overwhelmed and still seeing your progress. Kiitos, opettaja!Solène D.Solène D.1648149092 ★★★★★ Taru is a great Finnish teacher ! Her classes are well-prepared, dynamic and varied. I like that we learn very relevant words and expressions, that we can hear and use in daily life. Also, she gives a great insight to the Finnish culture through videos, songs, etc.Rupesh G.Rupesh G.1648043001 ★★★★★ Very good FinEnglish teacher, specially for beginners. Focuses more on practical learning than text book learning. Found helpful to kick-start learning Finnish. Minä puhun vähän suomea 🙂 Kiitos Taru.Stéphane L.Stéphane L.1647161950 ★★★★☆ Chelia C.Chelia C.1634642343 ★★★★★ I appreciate that Taru speak English when she explained, since I am a beginner.BenBen1634546321 ★★★★★ Taru is a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. She keeps the classes fun and casual while still being professional, worth the money for a course.Andrea M.Andrea M.1634546112 ★★★★★ Donna R.Donna R.1634538087 ★★★★★ A great course! Taru is very lovely and communicates very well to non-native speakers with a very sympathetic and learned approach. She was able to combine more simple learning processes with more complex ones, so that I never experienced any kind of overload, which one can often do as a novice. The regular homework was similarly planned, and was always engaging and made me want to practice further. The online platform works very well. Perhaps because I've only ever learned a language before in-situ, I was surprised at how smoothly it worked online, and it was great how Taru used various interactive language videos online (which of course we could revisit in our own time).. It was really nice also to meet other non-native Finnish speakers from many different countries and to go through the experience with them. I've just signed up for the second course, which I'm looking forward to very much. Kiitos Taru!js_loader