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Kuva: Susanna Ahvalo

“To become fluent in speaking Finnish the student must speak Finnish. I do my best to help every student speak Finnish.” 

I am a qualified professional Finnish Language Teacher and a native Finn. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching Finnish. I am committed to creating motivational and collaborative learning environments that encourage to use Finnish. My lessons are not lectures. You will learn and you will speak.

I believe that to learn a language, you must like your learning process and you must enjoy the lessons. I offer conversational lessons in a joyful atmosphere.

During online lessons we proceed quite fast. After lessons I send assignments by email. I think that as any language is basically based in it’s vocabulary, it is very important to learn vocabulary. To help memorizing, I make my own, and share other  teachers’ games, videos and exercises. Sometimes I send links to songs. I believe that music is a great way to learn a language. 

I have a functional approach to language learning. I teach to do things in Finnish: to share information, to enquire, to express attitudes, to entertain, to argue, to get help, to make an order. My teaching methods are communicative, interactive and collaborative. I use creative and innovative strategies to engage the students in discussion in Finnish.

Different strategies are adapted and combined in various ways to suit different learners and different situations. The most effective language teaching approach is a mix of several strategies tailored to the needs of the students.

“I am ambitious about Your success. It is important for me to make You feel comfortable using Finnish. Whether you have studied Finnish before or not, regardless of your level, I will help You speak Finnish.”

I have taught Finnish in Finland in primary schools (Finnish as a second language / s2), vocational schools and in many courses, also in ones organized by TE-toimisto (so called kotoutumiskoulutus). 

I have also taught Finnish in the School of Nordic languages in Riga (years 2000-2002), in Latvian academy of Culture (in 2003) and In the University of Latvia (years 2010-2015). 

I have taught private lessons to employees of companies such as Price Waterhouse Cooper, Reval Hotel Latvija and to many independent Finnish enthusiast. 

In addition to private teaching, I have taught parents of small children in Helsinki, the courses are called KOTIVA courses, (LINK)

I am an active member of the Finnish teachers’ association (Suomenopettajat), and Finland’s network of Nordic Alfarådet-network (More about Alfarådet, all in Swedish )

and I coordinate a network of Finland’s Teachers of illiterate adult learners (Lukutaitoverkosto

Find out more and contact me:
Opettaja Taru

VAT number: 3225522-7