Finnish language courses

I am ambitious about Your success. It is important for me to make You feel comfortable using Finnish.
Whether you have studied Finnish before or not, regardless of your level, I will help You speak Finnish.

  • Puhutaan paremmin


    Kurssilla puhutaan vain suomea.

    If you want to really speak Finnish, this effective weekly group is the place to be! You’ll learn useful vocabulary in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Get yourself a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and join our conversations.

    NOTE! On the lessons we speak only Finnish!

    • practice speaking Finnish
    • meet people
    • learn more Finnish

    Lähtötaso minimi B 1.1.

    Keskiviikkoisin 16.2. – 16.3. klo 10.15-11.00. (Helsinki)

    Kurssi on Zoomissa. Tarvitset tietokoneen tai läppärin, että voit osallistua. Saat linkin Zoomiin, kun maksu on käsitelty.