Blue path is for beginner elementary. Yellow path is for advanced elementary.

Blue path: you already know greetings, numbers, colours, some verbs. Minkämaalainen sinä olet? Puhutko vähän suomea?

It is highly recommended to take the Moving on part 1 before enrolling to part 2. But if you have learned Finnish elsewhere, you can skip part 1 and join part 2 directly.

Yellow path: You can have simple conversations in Finnish, and you know “verbityypit” well. You can tell about yourself, you can understand some announcements, you can tell where you live in Finnish. NOTE: IF you can understand most signs, warnings AND some ADDS and you can take part in a simple conversation – jump directly to Finnish to A2.2.
NOTE! On yellow path You need the textbook: Oma Suomi 1.

  • Finnish From A 1.3 to mastering Finnish, part 1. August-October.


    Previous studies in Finnish basics are required and you are expected to know English since it is the language used in teaching, alongside with Finnish. Starting from week 3 the language of instruction will be mostly Finnish.

    To participate you need a computer (or laptop) and a microphone and the textbook Oma Suomi 1.

    For students, who have strong desire to learn Finnish in a short time!

    pastedGraphic.pngAug. 17th. – Oct. 19th.

    Wednesdays  17.00 – 18.00 (Helsinki time) + homework


    To participate you need a computer (or laptop) with microphone. Camera is necessary.

    We use the text book Oma Suomi 1.

    Have you studied Finnish? Are you already strong on level A 1.3? Check out the next level: Finnish from A 1.3. to mastering Finnish, part 2 .

    Not a suitable time? Seuraava ryhmä alkaa 29.9. klo 11.30 (Suomen aikaa).