• Finnish From A 1.3 to mastering Finnish, part 1. August-October.


    Previous studies in Finnish basics are required and you are expected to know English since it is the language used in teaching, alongside with Finnish. Starting from week 3 the language of instruction will be mostly Finnish.

    To participate you need a computer (or laptop) and a microphone and the textbook Oma Suomi 1.

    For students, who have strong desire to learn Finnish in a short time!

    pastedGraphic.pngAug. 17th. โ€“ Oct. 19th.

    Wednesdays ย 17.00 โ€“ 18.00 (Helsinki time) + homework


    To participate you need a computer (or laptop) with microphone. Camera is necessary.

    We use the text book Oma Suomi 1.

    Have you studied Finnish? Are you already strong on level A 1.3? Check out the next level: Finnish from A 1.3. toย mastering Finnish, part 2ย .

    Not a suitable time? Seuraava ryhmรค alkaa 29.9. klo 11.30 (Suomen aikaa).ย