• Moving on II – Finnish from A1.2. + NEXT GROUP STARTING Dec.7th.


    For students who have some knowledge of Finnish. This course is a second part of series of two. To join this group, you need to know the months in Finnish, how to tell about your family, profession and/or studies, to describe where you live and you must know how to conjugate verbs in present.

    pastedGraphic.pngDecember. 7th to Jan. 11th 2022. No online lessons Dec.28th.
    Tuesdays  13 – 14.30 p.m. (Helsinki time) + homework

    pastedGraphic_1.pngTo participate you need a computer (or laptop) with microphone. Camera is necessary.

    Live online once a week and homework.

    Moving on -courses will take you to CEFR level A1.3. This is the second part of series of two. You can join Moving on II after you have studied Moving on 1 or acquired some Finnish elsewhere.

    Small group, max. 12 students.

  • Opitaan verbejä


    Address: Mariankatu 8, Helsinki

    Dec. 14th we will study verb conjugation, present tense. Yes, you will be studying 2 hours of grammar, but you know what? You’ll love it! Starting level minimum A 1.

    NOTE! Language of instruction will be English and partly Finnish.

    Dec. 20th we will study forming Finnish past tense. It’s all about grammar, but you’ll love it.
    Language of instruction: English and Finnish.

  • Puhutaan paremmin. Kurssi alkoi jo, mutta mukaan mahtuu. Tule puhumaan suomea meidän kanssa.


    Kurssin hinta on nyt 50 euroa. Kun kurssi alkoi, hinta oli 100 €.

    Kurssilla puhutaan vain suomea.

    If you want to really speak Finnish, this effective and unique weekly group is the place to be! You’ll learn useful vocabulary in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Get yourself a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and join our conversations.

    NOTE! On the lessons we speak only Finnish!

    • practice speaking Finnish
    • meet new friends
    • learn more Finnish

    Lähtötaso minimi A2.2.

    Keskiviikkoisin 1. – 15.12. klo 9.00-9.45. (Helsinki)
    22. ja 29.12. klo 11.30 – 12.15 (Helsinki)

    Kurssi on Zoomissa. Tarvitset tietokoneen tai läppärin, että voit osallistua. Saat linkin Zoomiin, kun maksu on käsitelty.