Opitaan verbejä


Address: Mariankatu 8, Helsinki

Dec. 14th we will study verb conjugation, present tense. Yes, you will be studying 2 hours of grammar, but you know what? You’ll love it! Starting level minimum A 1.

NOTE! Language of instruction will be English and partly Finnish.

Dec. 20th we will study forming Finnish past tense. It’s all about grammar, but you’ll love it.
Language of instruction: English and Finnish.


Conjugation means changing a verb to express tense as in present: I love, or past: I loved. Verbs conjugate also in person. In English the verbs conjugate only in third person:  I love (no ending -s), She loves (yes, ending -s). In Finnish there is an ending to all personal pronouns: I, you / both singular and plural,  he/she, we and they. All verbs are conjugated according to rules that cover six types of stems. The stems “change” according to rules.

On Dec. 14th we will study the different kinds of stems and rules, how to conjugate verbs. You will learn to figure out the type of the verb and to add the personal endings correctly. First you will learn to recognize the different types of the infinitive and add correct endings. Then, you will practice take off the endings to find out the stem or type of the verb. After you have learned these, you are ready to join the evening of past tense. ↓

ON Dec.20th you will learn to conjugate Finnish verbs in past tense. It’s mathematics. It’s Finnish grammar!

Number of participants to both evenings: 6 – 10 students.


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